About Dieselpunk

Dieselpunk didn’t start with a bang. It started with the crack of a whip. When Indiana Jones blazed his way onto the big screen in 1981, he popularized a postmodern style of art that has continued to evolve over the past three decades.

New to dieselpunk? Read Tome Wilson’s introduction to the genre.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Wolfenstein: The New Order artwork

Changing World War II

Alternate World War II histories typically either kill Hitler, to end the war quickly, or correct one of his many strategic mistakes, to enable an Axis victory.

Nick Ottens has 22 more ways to change World War II.


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Stefan Prohaczka artwork

The Philosophy of Dieselpunk

Dieselpunk philosophy comprises three aspects: decodence, contemporary and punk.

Diego Rivera artwork

Re-punking Dieselpunk

Dieselpunk must be anti-brutalist, anti-fascist, anti-industrialist and anti-militarist.

The Man in the High Castle scene

Year Zero in The Man in the High Castle

The desire to wipe clean the slate of history is typical of mass movements.


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German tank in Russia
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Paul Hynes’ alternate histories of the Eastern Front

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Mapping World War II

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