Never Was — formerly The Gatehouse (2008-18) — is an online, non-commercial alternate-history magazine, edited by Nick Ottens.

Our focus is on what we call the Steam, Diesel and Atomic Eras, which correspond with the following three genres of speculative fiction:

  • Steampunk: Usually set in a nineteenth century where the future has happened sooner. Click here for an introduction. Subgenres of steampunk include clockpunk and Weird West.
  • Dieselpunk: Similar to steampunk but usually darker and set in the interwar years or World War II. Click here for a brief history. Subgenres include biopunk and decodence (also called decopunk).
  • Atomicpunk: Set in an anachronistic Cold War. Its aesthetic is informed by the future predictions of the 1950s through the 1970s. A related genre is spy-fi.

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