Steampunk’s Politics

People tried to turn steampunk into a political movement. A decade later, I think it’s safe to say the “lighter side” has won out.

Nick Ottens argues punk is dead. Long live steampunk!

British soldiers in World War I

World War I in Alternate History

World War I has evolved into a great force beyond human comprehension or modification.

Why World War I is underserved in alternate history: the war without alternative.


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Nicholas Maxson-Francombe artwork

Who Killed Steampunk?

An arrogant attempt to politicize steampunk has driven people away.

Also read Nick’s response to his critics.

Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe artwork

The Steampunk Political Guillotine Machine

Rabid political activists in steampunk are in the minority, but they are alienating those of us who used to love the genre.


In Defense of the Lighter Side of Steampunk

There is a place for politics, but let’s not forget what draws steampunk together: fun!


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Mediterranean map
Changing the World

The geography of alternate history

Airship Norge
To the Pole by Balloon

Germans were the most successful

Faisal I of Iraq
Dreams of Arab Unity

The Hashemites, Nasser and Gaddafi tried — and failed

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