Changing the Past


Steampunk’s Politics

People tried to turn steampunk into a political movement. A decade later, I think it’s safe to say the “lighter side” has won out.

Nick Ottens argues punk is dead. Long live steampunk!

About Dieselpunk

Dieselpunk didn’t start with a bang. It started with the crack of a whip. When Indiana Jones blazed his way onto the big screen in 1981, he popularized a postmodern style of art that has continued to evolve over the past three decades.

New to dieselpunk? Read Tome Wilson’s introduction to the genre.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
London England

Cold War on Steroids

Communists rule all over Europe. The Soviet Union stretches from Finland to Port Arthur. Britain is governed by Big Brother and America by President-for-Life Douglas MacArthur.

Thought the 1950s couldn’t get any scarier? Think again.

Genre Tropes

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Berlin Conference illustration
Remaking the World

The global ambitions of imperialists, do-gooders and totalitarians

New York City
Surviving the 1930s

Many of the sights and sounds that we associate with dieselpunk are products of the 1930s.

Marie Juchacz
Weimar Germany

An A-to-Z history by Sarah Zama.

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Unbuilt Cities

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Hindenburg airship over New York

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