Changing the Past


Dieselpunk didn’t start with a bang. It started with the crack of a whip. When Indiana Jones blazed his way onto the big screen in 1981, he popularized a postmodern style of art that has continued to evolve over the past three decades.

New to dieselpunk? Read Tome Wilson’s introduction to the genre.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Mapping World War II


Pete Amachree artwork

If people are forever branded a bigot in the steampunk community for wearing the wrong costume or making one bad remark, then we can’t be surprised if they stop buying our books and start coming to our events.

Steampunk has its own cancel culture, and it’s one reason the movement is in decline.

If there aren’t more (vocal) center-right steampunks, I fear it’s because left-wing activism has either driven them away or is causing them to stay quiet.

Nearly everyone who writes, or has written, about politics and steampunk spans the spectrum from center-left to radical left. Can you be right-wing and steampunk?

Sebastien Hue artwork

Unbuilt Cities