Interview with Victoria Yeates

If you have seen Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (review here), you know just how indispensible (we like to say indomitable) Bunty Broadacre is.

We sat down with actress Victoria Yeates, who portrays Bunty in The Crimes of Grindelwald (review here) and The Secrets of Dumbledore, when she visited Les 4 Maisons in Liège and talked about her portrayal of the character, fashion and costume design, and hopes for the future of the franchise.

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High Tech Low Life

High Tech Low Life, the cyberpunk band from Okinawa, Japan, came as somewhat of a surprise to the European scene.

Not just a band, but an entire worldbuilding setting with their own characters and concept. Which is in itself nothing new, as many steampunk bands have done that. But their intent on doing better and saving the future is something done so well, I had to go and investigate.

So I sat down with the guys from High Tech Low Life to find out more about them and the terrible possible futures converging in 2069, which is, let’s face it, not that far away!

Which you can read right behind the piece about their music and concerts I witnessed. Stick with it til the very end, because there is a little giveaway!

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DeadSteam: Interview with Editor Bryce Raffle


DeadSteam is a collection of steampunk short stories that explore the darker side of steampunk. Featuring ghosts, zombies and vampires, it has a Twilight Zone-meets-steampunk feel. DeadSteam is a very good addition to the steampunk universe and well worth reading.

Unlike the majority of steampunk anthologies, DeadSteam has a very consistent feel and all of the stories felt they were written specifically for this book.

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The Solutions: Accidental Dieselpunk Music from South Korea

Seeing The Solutions live as opener for Japanese artist Satsuki in Le Garage, Liège, Belgium on a cold Sunday evening was one of the best musical surprises of the year. Especially realizing that this band was unintentionally playing music that could happily be a soundtrack to a rock-and-roll-loving dieselpunk lifestyle. The Gatehouse jumped on the occasion and, thanks to kind tour manager Ethan, got an interview with the band that same evening, so our readers can get to know this fantastic South Korean band a little better. Continue reading “The Solutions: Accidental Dieselpunk Music from South Korea”

Interview with Luke Chaos and Kenny Creation

Luke Chaos and Kenny Creation brings together East and West with their British and Japanese origins in Tokyo, Japan, where they are not only active as musicians and artists, but are also the dynamic duo that is the driving force behind the Tokyo Inventors Society (also known as the Tokyo Steampunk Society) and the Japanese capital’s one and only steampunk event: Steam Garden. Continue reading “Interview with Luke Chaos and Kenny Creation”

Interview with Abney Park

Abney Park recently landed their airship, the HSM Ophelia, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, for their very first mainland European concert at the Phantasium opening night.

The Gatehouse and The Clockworker decided it was time for a joint venture and lucked out getting several members of the band to sit down for an interview about being in Europe, performing and who’d play who in a movie. Continue reading “Interview with Abney Park”