Hitler’s Super Train

Enormous double-decker trains were supposed to connect the major cities of Hitler’s Germany.

Breitspurbahn plan
1943 map of Germany’s proposed Breitspurbahn (Wikimedia Commons)

This enormous double-decker train was supposed to connect the major cities of Hitler’s Germany on broad three-meter gauge tracks.

Berlin Germany train
Artist’s impression of a diesel train arriving in Germania

The Breitspurbahn, as it was called, was a personal pet project of Adolf Hitler’s, who enthusiastically embraced a suggestion from his building master, Fritz Todt, to construct a new high-capacity rail system for Germany.

Objections from experts who foresaw difficulties in introducing an incompatible gauge were brushed aside. Hitler personally ordered the Breitspurbahn to be built with initial lines between Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich and Linz.

The line, of course, was never built, but you can find more pictures of the train on this website and some artworks of how it was supposed to look from the inside here.

Breitspurbahn artwork
Artist’s impression


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