The Sightless City

A grand saga that is missing many of the pieces that would make it grand.

The Sightless City

Politics, science, intrigue, the supernatural and a murder mystery that seems to be at the heart of it. It sounds like an excellent combo and, yes, at first glance The Sightless City seems to have it all. But while the concept is good, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s the same old story: warring states, races that don’t get along and an evil mega corporation with an evil mastermind who has been the big bad all along. A Moriarty this guy is not, because that would have made him a better villain. The lead character, Marcel Talwar, a former soldier, could be more like Sherlock Holmes, for he is a detective, but the comparison ends there.

The story does have a few very interesting characters, Talwar being one, feral want-to-be-engineer Sylvaine being another. A bunch of side-characters contribute to the story, but their background, like the setting’s, is sparse, jumbled and chaotic. There is enough to keep the story going, but the lack of depth and detail is disappointing. The Sightless City feels like a grand saga that is missing many of the pieces that would make it grand. In the end, it falls flat.

Is this a bad book? No, there are many fine elements to it. They just don’t pop the way they should. The idea is there, and it’s a good one. Author Noah Lemelson mixes genres, which creates opportunities for storytelling — but it also contributes to the chaos his book already is.

The Sightless City is meant to be the first volume in a trilogy. I can’t claim it left me wanting to read more, but hopefully the sequel will be more innovative.

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