The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

A homage to classic horror and 1950s housekeeping.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Christine is a beautiful retro-style gal, living all alone in a house that wouldn’t look amiss in the latest incarnation of the horror classic The House on Haunted Hill.

She doesn’t live alone, however, sharing her home with a variety of monsters (literally) ranging from Rankle, the mummified cat; Rose, who is assumed to be mostly a raccoon; and Edgar, who looks like he could be a retro-style werewolf.

Top that off with ghostly roommate Vivienne, played by none other than Dita von Teese and several other wacky characters.

The homage to classic horror and 1950s housekeeping doesn’t stop here. It continues in the fun little DIY experiences Christine shares with the audience in every episode. Which goes paired with a little plot that runs throughout the entire season.

While I feel that these DIY, whether they are cooking, baking or crafts are everything but beginner friendly, they are super cool and the show is just plain fun to watch.

Even though most of the main cast are monsters and creatures, it’s not actually scary and although I wouldn’t go as far as to call it kids-friendly, little ones aren’t likely to catch much of a fright seeing the monsters on the show.

The series is available on Netflix, so you know where to watch it.

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