A crazy, colorful cartoon that puts the “mad” in mad science.

Rick and Morty

If you are familiar with Rick and Morty, you already know the catchphrase of the titular character, Rick Sanchez.

Adult Swim, well known for cartoons with a twist, is currently reigning supreme with this mad science/atompunk cartoon.

The premise is simple: Rick is a genius asshole scientist, who invents all kinds of crazy stuff. He lives with his daughter Beth, her husband Jerry and their children Summer and Morty. It’s Morty who is generally the victim of his grandfather’s pursuits and the madness that follows in its wake.

But I’m sure you got that much from the title of this piece.

Rick and Morty is a crazy, colorful cartoon depicting dysfunctional families and the world we live in. Its insane inventions put the “mad” in mad science. Throw some aliens, time travel and on-point social commentary in the mix and you have yourself the ultimate representation of contemporary atompunk.

Currently the show has three seasons, all of which are available on Netflix in most countries. We don’t know much about Season 4 yeat, except that it is coming. So fans can rest assured that the madness isn’t over.

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