The Art of Arthur Radebaugh

Best known for his long-running “Closer Than We Think” series.

Arthur Radebaugh (1906-74) was a prolific midcentury illustrator, perhaps best known for his “Can You Imagine” and “Closer Than We Think” series, which were syndicated in newspapers across the United States in the years after World War II. The usually one-panel comics predicted various future scenarios, some of which, like remote working and electronic home libraries, came true!

Radebaugh had started his career in advertising, doing work for Bohn Aluminum, Coca-Cola, National Motor Bearing, Studebaker and United Air Lines, among many companies. He illustrated the train menu of the Burlington Zephyr, brochures for Chrysler and covers of Esquire, Fortune, Life and other magazines.

Thanks to James Vaughn for many of these images.

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