The Dragonfly Delivery Company

John Sinister and his partner in solving crime, the talking cat Dexter, return in this excellent second volume.

The Dragonfly Delivery Company

Dexter and Sinister are back to solve a new mystery — and they take to the skies!

While the first book in the series (our review here) was an entertaining enough read, the second one really blows Detecting Agents straight out of the water.

It’s always better to have read all books in a series, but The Dragonfly Delivery Company works as a stand-alone novel too. Even if you’re unfamiliar with detective John Sinister and his partner in solving crime, the talking mechanical cat Dexter, you aren’t left with any questions you absolutely need to answer to follow along with this story.

A story in which they battle air pirates! Air pirates are, of course, a steampunk trope. They’ve been proverbially done to death. And yet Keith W. Dickinson brings a fresh take on them. Mixing up favorites from the first book, with fun new characters and even a historical person or two, he turns this into a truly fun literary ride.

It has mystery (although, to be fair, it’s pretty obvious who dunnit, as was the case in the first book), adventure, intrigue, pirates and a colorful cast that will keep you reading and longing for the next book in the series.

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