Dexter & Sinister: Detecting Agents

Murder, espionage, mechanical marvels and… a talking cat!

Dexter & Sinister: Detecting Agents

This story takes place in Hammersmythe, where the rich are rich and those that aren’t struggle to make their way in life. One of the latter is John Sinister, down on his luck and sleeping on his sister’s couch.

Until he is asked by a wealthy family, whose children he used to be friends with, to look into the death of their eldest son. Determined to get to the truth about his friend’s death, John sets out on a chase involving murder, espionage, mechanical marvels and… a talking cat!

Dexter & Sinister is a fun adventure story set in a steampunk world of flying machines and industrial evolution, with a varied cast of characters leading the reader along. It’s got a good pace, it’s fun (although a little predictable; I guessed the culprit before being halfway through the book) and certainly an entertaining read. It is divided in mostly short chapters, so even those with only a little time to read each day will be able to enjoy this book, which is always a bonus.

If there were to be more adventures of Dexter and Sinister, I would certainly be happy to pick those up too, and not just because there is a talking cat. Not going to lie though, if I could get a cat like that, I absolutely would! This book is certainly going to leave you with mechanical cat envy.


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