Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers adapts the best elements of other sci-fi franchises.

Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers is an action-packed science-fiction adventure that combines elements from other beloved spacefaring franchises, such as Star Wars, Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the not too distant future, Earth is dying, humanity under the influence of an evil mastermind and UTS company CEO (never a good idea to let big tech get too much power!) James Sullivan has moved to Mars. The tiny percentage of people who have been allowed to join him live in a new Eden. The rest are left to rot and live in squalor and permanent debt on Earth or in non-citizen space towns.

Enter the motley crew of the salvage ship Victory, each with their own pasts and reasons to hate UTS, and one special little girl who holds the key to literal salvation.

Is this an original trope? Far from it. That said, this is a fun, beautiful movie with well-developed characters and properly fleshed-out backstories.

The main spoken language is Korean, but you’ll hear quite a few other languages, as most characters wear a universal translator. This, and other small details, really help set the scene.

The creative minds behind Space Sweepers looked at other sci-fi movies, took note of what they liked, made their own story with these elements and, above all, succeeded where many others have failed. If Netflix promotes this as they should, it could be the next big thing in sci-fi!

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