New Logo, and Never Was Lounge Coming Soon

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow scene
Hindenburg III moors atop the Empire State Building in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)

We have made a few design changes: our logo is now a stylized version of the image we used before (of a German zeppelin docking at the Empire State Building) and we are using Denis Masharov’s Poiret One font for our titles and subtitles.

You will also notice a new link in the menu: “Lounge”. This will soon take you to the Never Was Lounge, an online community for alternate history, retro-futurism and science fiction.

With so many of us confined to our homes due to COVID-19, Dieselpunks inactive and The Steampunk Forum down, I believe there may be demand for a new community. I’ve polled members of our old message board, the Smoking Lounge, as well as regular readers of Never Was and fellow bloggers, organizers and webmasters, and there has been a lot of interest. We’re now hashing out the details with a small team and expecting to go live in a week.


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Bravo to this and best of luck! I like the clear and simple format.

May I be forgiven for taking this opportunity to rant a little about “Sky Captain”? Still one of my all-time favourite movies and the epitome of Dieselpunk onscreen. BUT the Empire State Building was and still is 1,250 feet tall to the top of the airship mooring tower, and that Zeppelin is supposed to be the “HINDENERG III” or somesuch, i. e. as big or bigger than the 800 foot original. Yet that picture makes it look no more about three hundred feet long. Grrr!!! Rant over. Carry on…

Thanks, John! And yes, now that you mention it, the zeppelin in Sky Captain is definitely too small. I hadn’t thought of that before.

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