Death Shall Come

An isolated country manor. Egyptian artifacts. A curse. Simon R. Green is back with another excellent murder mystery.

Death Shall Come

A country manor in the middle of nowhere. The largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in private hands. A curse and the duo of Ishmael Jones and Penny Belcourt. Throw these things together and you know you’re in for an excellent murder mystery.

Is there a curse? Is there really a mummy afoot? Or is it something else entirely?

In this fourth book of Simon R. Green’s Ishmael Jones series, Death Shall Come, we are presented with the same formula of “Ishmael and Penny need to solve a mystery”.

Those who have been reading the series from the beginning will inevitably ask themselves the question: How many people will survive this time?

Even though there is a set basis of a plot to this series, the way it unfolds is different every time and it’s always good fun to read. There are plenty of colorful characters. Even those not long for the pages are fleshed out properly.

You don’t have to read the books in the order they were published, and I feel that not having read any of them won’t hinder you at all reading Death Shall Come, because you are given all the information you need to fully follow the plot. But all three previous books are excellent as well. (Read our reviews of The Dark Side of the Road and Dead Man Walking.)

Like the other books in the series, Death Shall Come has elements of isolation, how far people will go to survive in it, as well as the supernatural. Fantasy and mystery are blended well. Even if you do guess what kind of creature is stomping about the halls, it still remains suspenseful to the end.

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