Partnership with Sea Lion Press

Never Was is happy to announce a partnership with Sea Lion Press, a UK-based publishing house that specializes in alternate history. You will see stories from their blog republished here every two weeks and vice versa, starting with Paul Hynes’ “The ‘What Ifs’ of Operation Barbarossa“.

Sea Lion most recently published Katherine Foy’s Freedom’s Rampart: The Russian Invasion of New Zealand, which follows Russian sailors and citizens of New Zealand during Imperial Russia’s naval bombardment and occupation of Dunedin in the late 1800s.

Other Sea Lion authors include Tom Anderson, author of the Look to the West series, in which Revolutionary France is far more aggressive in its conquests and America remains British; Andy Cooke, whose The Lectern Series imagines a more successful UKIP; and Hynes, who tells the story of the Allied invasion of Japan that never was in the two-parter Decisive Darkness.

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