Writeathon to Raise Money for Ukraine

Sea Lion Press is putting on a 24-hour writeathon to raise money for Ukraine.

Ukraine flag
Flag of Ukraine (Unsplash/Vika Strawberrika)

With the War in Ukraine nearing its 500th day, the alternate-history authors of our partners at Sea Lion Press are putting on digital charity event to raise money for victims of Russia’s invasion. On Sunday June 25, they are organizing a 24-hour writeathon.

Running on a Discord channel from 9 in the morning UK time on the 25th to 9 AM on the 26th, this is a drop-in/drop-out collaborative writing exercise. Participants are asked to make a voluntary donation. There will also be various panel discussions and time for general chat. (And tea breaks!)

Check out the Sea Lion Press blog for recommended charities as well as the full schedule.

If you’re unable to make it, consider buying one of the alternate-history anthologies published by Sergeant Frosty Publications: Building a Better Future or Ten Years Later. All their proceeds go to charities supporting the people of Ukraine as well.

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