Ten Years Later

The proceeds of this anthology will be donated to charities supporting the people of Ukraine.

Ten Years Later

A year ago, ten alternate-history authors came together to raise money for Ukraine by writing the anthology Building a Better Future. All proceeds of the volume, published by Sergeant Frosty Publications, went to charities helping the people of Ukraine, who had been so cruelly attacked by Vladimir Putin’s Russia. (More info here.)

With the war still going on a year later, many of the same authors, but with the notable addition of our own Alex Wallace, wondered what more they could do. Writing a second book to raise money for the reconstruction of Ukraine seemed like a good idea. So that is what they did.

They imagined how things might turn out in Ten Years Later. Most stories are about Ukraine, but some look at other wars, and the effects of war.

Hope is a recurring theme in the collection, according to David Flin, the editor. The authors were inspired by the bravery of Ukraine. “It is inconceivable that a nation … that has fought so courageously and with such passion and selflessness should fail when the darkness is gone and the country is fully liberated,” he writes in the introduction.

It may be this year, it may be next year, it may take longer. But there is no doubt that it will come.

Order the book from Amazon. Once again, all proceeds will be donated to charities supporting the people of Ukraine.

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