Comic Con Brussels

Although not a steampunk event per se, Comic Con Brussels gives fans of the genre plenty of fun.

Comic Con Brussels, an annual pop culture event, once again set up shop at Tour & Taxis in Brussels on the weekend of February 22-23.

While it is no steampunk event per se, it boasts such a variety of all things geeky and cool that it’s really rather easy to dress up in the style and find some outfits or wares for your home. Several visitors had dressed up in the fashions, or stylish cosplays, which is a great way to meet new people in the scene.

Conventions being conventions, the goods on sale ranged from fun and affordable to polyester monstrosities and grossly overpriced bits and bobs. And quite a few things we have seen countless times before.

Nonetheless, some gems could be found, if you looked closely. Which was best done on Sunday afternoon, when the crowd (which was much thicker on Saturday) had dimmed down to manageable proportions and browsing could be done in peace.

Despite the crowds, Comic Con Brussels is still a really fun event to visit and look around. If thick crowds aren’t your thing, try the organization’s smaller events, Comic Con Antwerp or Comic Con Gent, which have the same atmosphere but fewer people.

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