Helcanen on the Road

This postcard-sized travel journal takes you on the road in Higashiōsaka, Japan.

Helcanen on the Road

Helcanen, a Belgian artist known for her affinity for Japan, returns with a new book, a new and original take on traveling Japan that combines a beautiful vintage style with our modern times.

This first edition of her postcard-sized travel journals takes you on the road in Hyōtan-yama, a neighborhood of Higashiōsaka, Japan.

Not only is it a wonderful tale that takes you along on Helcanen’s voyages, it is also a little treasure trove for those wanting to go there themselves.

The book’s size makes it easy to take along and the vintage-style sepia pages will allow you compare the pictures to reality and marvel even more at the full-color sights in front of you when you are there.

The sepia pages and typewriter font are a brilliant touch, giving it a perfect combination of vintage look and modernicity.

This book is definitely one I would recommend if you love travel stories and/or Japan. I look forward to Volume 2 for sure!

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