City Hall, Volume 6

Every new issue of City Hall continues to be better than the last.

City Hall, Volume 6

With the sixth installment of the City Hall saga, we continue to regret that these manga are only available in French, as they are one of the best things around when it comes to steampunk graphics.

Every issue, or tomes as they are called by the creators, has been better than the one before and the story continues to unfold via masterful storytelling and fantastic art.

Volume 6 once again presents a genius mix of history, literary elements, fiction and even sneaking in the odd reference to today’s political culture. The last are very subtle, though.

Without giving away too much (no spoilers here!), the story picks up where it left off in volume 5 (our review here), with old foes and new heroes fighting for the greater good and to either make sure, or attempt to stop, our trio of heroes, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle and Amelia Earhart, from achieving their goals.

Most characters may be existing authors from the past, but they continue to be portrayed in unique and original ways.

As always, there are plenty of little extras inside, such as some fun features, a cover underneath the flap and pages pre-prepared in case you get the chance to ask the creators for an autograph, all little things that just make an already fantastic series even more awesome.

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