City Hall, Volume 5

City Hall, Volume 5

The fifth installment of French steampunk manga City Hall introduces a whole new cast of characters crossing the path of our familiar trio of heroes: Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle and Amelia Earhart. It also marks the return of Harry Houdini, who is finding himself in a world quite unlike anything he’s ever encountered.

The plot which was set in previous editions continues to weave its way along steadily and the new additions to the cast only enrich the story.

This time the focus is a little less on familiar villains. Instead, it focuses more on events crucial to the continuation of the storyline and personal interaction between characters.

Once again, the only downside to City Hall is its limited availability. It’s easy enough to come by in France or in the French-speaking part of Belgium, but by only releasing it in this language a lot of steampunks are missing out. I really hope that Ankama, the publisher will get a move on and have this awesome series translated into English.

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