The Darlington Substitution

The Darlington Substitution

When Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are presented by old Lord Darlington with a case riddled with supernatural elements, they set out to investigate in style. Facing new foes, one far more clever than expected, and a whole slew of unexpected issues arising left and right. As the plot unfolds, our heroes must use all their considerable amount of wits to stop innocent people from dying and the villain succeeding at their diabolical plan.

The Darlington Substitution is Hugh Ashton’s first full-length novel featuring Baker Street’s sleuthing duo and from the first second you start reading it will grab your attention and hold it to the very last letter.

I am well aware that this all sounds more than a little vague, but I really do not wish to give away any spoilers to this magnificent installment.

Once again, Hugh Ashton took up the pen to prove he is a worthy successor to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in this all-new adventure of our favorite detective team. Fans of the genre and Sherlock Holmes are bound to love this.

This is not simply copying an original literary recipe, far from, Ashton has unmistakingly taken these characters and made them his own in terms of writing new adventures for them and expanding on their personalities and lives.

In this novel we come to know Doctor Watson a little better in ways that greatly expand on his honorable nature as a gentleman.

If Mr Moffat and Mr Gatiss run out of original tales and ideas for their Sherlock series, well, they know where to turn!

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