The Dapper Detective

The sequel to Dez Schwartz’ gaslight-setting murder mystery does not disappoint.

The Dapper Detective

The Dapper Detective is a direct sequel to The Dandy Medium (reviewed here), and it reunites us with several beloved Nótt Haven residents for another murder mystery supernatural adventure less than a year after the events from the first book.

Alfie Hughes and Sebastian Davies are once again dragged into the thick of things, when supernatural inhabitants of their town go missing. The titular dandy medium (Alfie) and dapper detective (Sebastian) aren’t the only recurring characters. Several that played part in the first book are also back for seconds, with their own agenda. What type I won’t divulge here as that would be spoilers, but what I will say is: if you like vampires, you won’t be disappointed with their page time.

Once again this is a whirlwind (shortish) story that takes you along to a really interesting Victoriana setting, full with cool characters and events you want to know more about. I am personally hoping for more installments, because I could stand to know the outcome of several events set in motion in this book. I have questions, and I want answers. And I’m curious to see what other supernatural and/or magical mischief Alfie and Sebastian will get themselves embroiled in next.

It was great to see a little more of characters that didn’t have a lot of time to shine in the first book, and also to see the reappearence, albeit brief, of others. I would recommend to read The Dandy Medium before The Dapper Detective if you haven’t already, because quite a few events in this book refer to the previous one.

Plus they’re both excellent books, so you’re only doing yourself favors by reading both. I will say that while the first book was tame when it comes down to it, the second includes some mildly graphic gay sex scenes, so that’s something to be aware of if you’re buying this book for a minor.

Like all other books by Dez Schwartz I’ve read (I have also read the D.O.P.S series), this is a story that easily sucks you in and keeps you interested to the end. It’s a fun read, with plenty of twists and turns, and written in a way that keeps you guessing for who-did-it along with the leads. The character development is also excellent. Alfie and Sebastian are both very real people, with their own quirks and in the case of Alfie: powers. And it’s it’s great to see how they grow while dealing with everything thrown that’s thrown at them. Definitely check this out if you like gaslight-setting murder mysteries.

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