The Dandy Medium

This gaslight-era adventure mixes good old-fashioned detective work with the supernatural.

The Dandy Medium

The Dandy Medium is a gaslight-era adventure novel mixing good old-fashioned detective work with the supernatural and paranormal. And does a great job of it too!

Author Dez Schwartz takes the best elements from the genres he mixes, including a detective duo that can easily measure up to Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, but also more contemporary teams, such as Castle and Beckett, with excellent chemistry. Super powered characters that easily could have messed with the story, but don’t, because it’s so masterfully told.

I could go on for quite a while, but this is simple a great book. The story is well written, the pace is excellent, it twists and surprises, it has just the right volume of character and setting background to give you all the information you need and the characters just… work.

If you like genre-meshing detective stories, I’m sure you will enjoy this as much as I did. I’m hoping for a sequel, because I could stand to read quite a bit more about the dapper duo that is the dandy medium and his dashing detective boyfriend!

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