Lady Mechanika, Volume 4: The Clockwork Assassin

Lady Mechanika, Volume 4

Lady Mechanika, Volume 4: The Clockwork Assassin (chronologically the fifth in the series, as the unnumbered volume La Dame de la Muerte fits best in between 1 and 2) takes us to Mechanika City, home to the Lady Mechanika and her friends.

It is one of her closest friends, perhaps her closest, Mr Lewis, that this volume focuses on. You see, people from his past have started to die, and the murderer has an M.O. suspiciously like that of his mechanically augmented friend.

Lady Mechanika, Volume 4 page

That storyline may read like nothing new, but it is really well-written, involving not only a variety of characters we’ve encountered in previous issues but also fleshing out Lewis’ tragic past a little more. Something that was rather overdue for one of the main characters in the stories.

As always, the art is stunning. Combined with skillful storytelling, this is another brilliant installment in the Lady Mechanika series. If you like steampunk and graphic novels, and for some reason haven’t started reading these yet, I heartily recommend them.

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