The Vintage Egyptologist

Colleen Darnell and her husband John combine their passions for Ancient Egypt and 1920s fashion.

John Colleen Darnell
Colleen Darnell and her husband John

Colleen Darnell and her husband John have devoted themselves to Egyptology and educating people on the subject — in the vintage styles of, mostly, the 1920s. All the more reason to follow them! Not only do you get a look at exquisite Roaring Twenties fashions; you learn a lot about Egyptian history.

I recommend their Instagram and YouTube channel. (Did you know the Egyptians had cat memes?) They have a dedicated Instagram account where you can learn to read hieroglyphs.

“The Vintage Egyptologist” also collaborates with other YouTubers, which gives us videos that are well worth watching such as this one, where she views The Mummy with Rachel Maksy.

YouTube is very saturated these days, and there are other channels on the subject, but Colleen and John’s way of bringing things is not only interesting, as they are excellent storytellers, but it’s great fun to see how these two passionate people are spreading what they love to the rest of us.

If you are interested in Ancient Egypt and vintage fashion, you won’t find better than this!


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Very interesting! And timely, given Kenneth Branagh’s forthcoming remake of “Death On The Nile”. The third movie version of Agatha Christie’s famous Poirot novel. Christie’s second husband, Sir Max Mallowan, was a well-known archaeologist, though mainly in the Asian Middle-East rather than Egypt.

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