City Hall, Volume 4

City Hall combines masterful storytelling and artwork with all the best of steampunk.

City Hall, Volume 4

It took a while, but in October of last year it was finally released: the fourth volume in the ongoing City Hall storyline of the French steampunk manga series created by RĂ©mi Guerin and Guillaume Lapeyre.

We revisit our heroes, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle and Amelia Earhart, who are still trying to figure out just who or what the illusive Lord Blackfowl is and who else is behind his dastardly schemes of destruction that have plagued the city of London. Only this time events force the dynamic trio to move their investigations to Paris — which isn’t quite the Paris we know — via new and exciting means of transportation.

City Hall continues to be an exciting tale, combining masterful storytelling and artwork with all the best of steampunk: charismatic villains, secrets, brave and clever heroes and all kinds of mad science and inventions. It’s a pleasure to read this storyline and watch the events unfold via the drawings that accompany the tale. Time and time again, City Hall keeps on surprising — in a good way.

For those that can’t read French, there is good news: City Hall is being translated into English! So soon our Anglo-Saxon friends will be able to enjoy it just as much as those of us with a (basic) understand of French.

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