Steampunk at Summer Geek Festival

Not a steampunk event per se, this new festival caters to the whole of the pop culture spectrum.

Summer Geek Festival is a small, and with its second edition also relatively new, convention in Mons, Belgium.

It’s not a steampunk event, but it is so incredibly diverse that it does a really good job catering to the whole of the pop culture spectrum, from cosplay and geek stuff to Japanese fashion and music to steampunk — and pretty much everything else. Here are some steampunk photos for you to enjoy.

If you speak French (well enough), it’s definitely worth a visit. And for those with little ones (it is family-friendly), the mall right outside the main entrance offers a wide array of incredibly cute steam- and dieselpunk coin-operated machines, like a hot air balloon that actually rises, so that should give you even more fun photo opportunities.

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