More from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

More of the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

With More from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD, the sequel to Tales of the Deed Box, Hugh Ashton brilliantly continues to follow in the footsteps of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

As was the case with the first volume, Ashton takes us on a tour of three tales previously untold by the good Doctor Watson. Again, he does it in a style so reminiscent of that of the creator of Sherlock Holmes that it is easy to believe you are in fact reading an original story.

In “Colonel Warburton’s Madness,” a matter of the heart presented to Watson by an old army comrade is, as these things go, far from what it seems. Holmes and Watson investigate a locked-door mystery with various twists and turns in “The Paradol Chamber”. And finally, in “The Giant Rat of Sumatra,” the sleuth and his trusted companion take to the seas with the Royal Navy.

Want to know more? Well, don’t delay, get the book and read for yourself! If you’ve not read any original Sherlock Holmes or the first installment in Ashton’s series, don’t worry, this book can be read as a stand-alone. Where there are some references made to tales previously written, it isn’t necessary to have read them to be able to grasp what is going on in this book.

I personally hope that the author continues with this series, because I am curious what other little gems the deed box of Doctor Watson holds in store for us.

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