The Violet Steam Experience Live at Phantasium

Soulful music and well-choreographed dance routines.

The Violet Steam Experience Phantasium Eindhoven Netherlands
The Violet Steam Experience perform at Phantasium in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, February 22 (Hilde Heyvaert)

With their visually enticing combination of beautiful steampunk tribal dance and Victoriana style costumes, taxidermy and adorable steampunk mechanical set pieces, all of this combined with their most excellent music, The Violet Steam Experience was the first of three steampunk bands to please the audience’s ears on the opening night of the fifth anniversary Phantasium convention held at the Eindhoven (The Netherlands) Beursgebouw.

And even though they are a new band, they did not disappoint — far from it. With Cinnamon Star’s vocals in combination with the soulful music and dance routines, the band had no effort getting the attention of the guests who had trickled in early to see the better-known Victor Sierra and Abney Park. The well-choreographed dance routines performed by both female members were just an added bonus and fine addition to the overall performance.

If you have a chance to see this band live and you like good alternative-style steampunk music, female vocals and modern, often tribal and belly dance-inspired dance, I would definitely recommend seeing them.

For more photos of The Violet Steam Experience live, click here.

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