Skull Candy Aviator Headphones

These genre-appropriate headphones from Skull Candy are gorgeous, but a little pricy.

Skull Candy Aviator headphones

In a well-set tradition of finding steampunk things around high street stores, I’ve stumbled upon this thing of aesthetic beauty. I can imagine that dieselpunks and steampunks alike would be well-pleased that a company like Skull Candy jumped on the steampunk bandwagon and produced some headphones that are visually pleasing. And it’s oh so comfortable on your head and ears to boot (I tried it in store, I mean honestly, how could I ever resist?).

That’s the upside. The downside is that the aviator is rather pricy. It retails on the website for $149.95 and I saw it in the Antwerp Saturn for €150.

I did try it out and while it did make good on its promise of epic bass, I thought the rest of the sound was kind of flat and not better than that of their Lowrider model (which I own in black and gold, it was as close to steampunk-appropriate I could get back in 2009), so I found the price unjustified. Especially seeing you can get better value for money with brands like Coloud or even Sony (I hear a lot of good things about the new super bass, which sadly looks like you’re making contact with the mothership).

Of course, if you’re going for look and durability and don’t mind spending the cash, this is definitely the way forward!


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We do own a pair, although we have not had them very long. I gave them to my 11 year old son as his “big” Christmas gift this past December. My hope is that they will be more durable than the Bose headphones that he had before, which have started falling apart after only three years. My son has an auditory processing problem and a good set of headphones has been recommended for when he does educational computer programs and listens to audio-books.

Also, they are pretty!

I have to say that I used my Skull Candy low riders for over a year before I switched to Coloud and I never managed to wreck mine. Wheras I broke my first pair of Colouds within about half a year, which is generally the life span this type of headphone seems to have when in my possession so I think your son will be alright with these if they’re as sturdy as the low rider. I wish you the best of luck with them, and I hope they help your son out! In any case, he’ll look very stylish wearing them! 🙂

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