Nazis Take to the Moon in Iron Sky Prequel

Iron Sky

Dieselpunk fans will be familiar with the Iron Sky project. The independent film production will depict the Nazis plotting an invasion of Earth from their secret refuge on the Moon.

In anticipation of the film’s release, Iron Sky is releasing a prequel comic adventure.

The first issue, “Bad Moon Rising,” depicts the Third Reich’s survivors in Antarctica preparing to board UFOs bound for the Moon. They will build a base on the far side of the Moon to stage another attempt at conquering the planet.

The film will be set in 2018, when the Americans return to the Moon and, presumably, find the Nazi survivors there just as they’re about to invade Earth.

The comic, which tells how it all started, can be read, for free, here.

The latest trailer, which you can watch on the Iron Sky website, features gargantuan space zeppelins filled with flying discs that will annihilate the Untermenschen from our world. Pretty scary stuff!

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