Did Adolf Hitler Survive the War?

Two British journalist believe the German dictator fled Berlin and survived to die an old man in Argentina.

Adolf Hitler
Airbrushed photo of an aged Adolf Hitler

Stories of Adolf Hitler surviving the war to die an old man in Spain or South America have been around since he committed suicide in his bunker deep below Berlin in April 1945.

Historians have largely dismissed these claims. Skull fragments, long held in Russian archives, were believed to prove that the German dictator perished together with his dream of a Thousand Year Reich, but an archeologist and bone specialist who examined them in 2009 concluded that they most likely belonged to a woman.

This has only fueled the conspiracy theories.

In a recent book, British journalist Gerrard Williams and military historian Simon Dunstan argue that the Führer escaped Berlin by airplane to make an escape for Argentina, where he lived to raise two daughters with his wife, Eva Braun, before dying undramatically in 1962.

Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler alleges that American spies were involved in the cover-up of Hitler’s survival.

“There is no forensic evidence” for Braun’s and Hitler’s deaths, Williams told Sky News, “and the stories from the eyewitnesses to their continued survival in Argentina are compelling.”

The Latin American country was under military dictatorship after the Second World War and harbored many Nazi henchmen, including Adolf Eichmann, an architect of the Holocaust, who was captured by Israeli secret agents in 1960 and hanged two years later.


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The edited by Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan in hipothesis basic (no relation to the daughters of hitler, a fantasy of the 40’s without foundation) is a very bad copy of Hitler’s escape (see website with copyrigth 1999 !! http://www.hitlers-escape.com ) from Patrick Burnside and published in various editions and publishers from 2000 to 2004 in Spanish “El escape de Hitler”.

Excuse me, but I see you stated that evidence in the Russian archives PROVED that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the Reichskanzellory bunker. Could you please provide me with that evidence? I’m a connoisseur of documentaries about the National Socialist Movement in Germany and I’m positive that I’ve seen 2 or 3 documentaries that actually went to the Russian archives, obtained a piece of a skull and after forensic analysis showed that this was a skull fragment of a woman. So please, would you be so kind as to provide us this proof that you speak of?

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