Peering Into Space

In the good ol’ times of the USSR, this entire space complex was a big secret.

Russian telescopes Tajikistan
Russian telescopes in Tajikistan (Yuri Mukhin)

Somewhere in the remote barrenness of the former Soviet republic Tajikistan stands a group of giant snow globe-like structures, “like straight off a pulp-era dime novel cover,” as Redfezwriter puts it over at our message-board community, the Smoking Lounge.

The things aren’t snow globes nor huge Pac-Macs, but telescopes monitoring the satellites Russia is still able to maintain in orbit.

In the good ol’ times of the USSR, the entire complex was a big secret, but nowadays visitors are allowed and one, a Yuri Mukhin, took this photograph, along with many more, and got it featured at English Russia. Head over there for a spiffing collection of Cold War nostalgia!

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