Gone with the Blastwave

We officially declare Kimmo Lemetti’s comic dieselpunk!

Gone with the Blastwave

Gone with the Blastwave is a post-apocalyptic comic by Kimmo Lemetti from Finland. He occasionally — though unfortunately not often — uploads a new installment, but there are plenty of old stories on his website to keep you amused for a while.

Although the quality and humor of Gone with the Blastwave is not in doubt, we wonder whether to call it dieselpunk.

Let’s see what Piecraft wrote about post-apocalyptic dieselpunk in issue 4 of the Gazette:

The post-apocalyptic Piecraftian antihero has no sense of responsibility or duty; therefore is care-free and is truly a nihilist. He exists and survives for the present, the antihero is a survivor and can be seen as both heartless and cruel at times or good natured and loyal depending on the circumstances of a situation presented in the narrative.

Compare that to Lemetti’s characters. “No sense of responsibility or duty”? That sounds just like his soldiers! Plus, there is the gasmasks. Those are just one step removed from goggles, and goggles, well, need no explanation.

We officially declare Gone with the Blastwave dieselpunk!

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