The graphic novel pulp lovers were waiting for.


Adventureman is the graphic novel pulp-loving readers were waiting for.

It has grand adventures (obviously), dashing heroes, ghosts, magic, science and interesting villains. It’s a perfect combination of a forgotten past and a remembering present, and never have I ever seen a title “The End and Everything After” that was both so self-explanatory and giving away nothing at the same time.

At least, not until you start reading and the story unfolds.

And what a story it is! From the original Adventure Inc to a rambunctious contemporary family with lots of sisters who couldn’t be more different from each other and yet form a wholesome unit that the forces of evil will undoubtedly come to regret crossing.

I know this sounds terribly vague, but the story is just so good I don’t want to give away more than absolutely necessary! You’ll have to take my word for it that this is skillfully put together, that even the smallest bits of information about the characters is enough to make you want to know more.

It doesn’t matter if you have lots of questions about the characters and situations. All will become clear as the story progresses. I don’t think that any graphic novel has left me equally fulfilled and wanting to know more after reading it than this one.

Roll on issue 2, it can’t come fast enough!

Additionally, a very nice touch was the creator delving into his thought process at the end of the volume, sharing sketches and stories about how the characters came to be. That gives a really cool insight into the creativity and design process, and it really adds to this publication. If you can get the oversized special edition, which is the one I have, I recommend it. If you can’t, just get the regular one, still absolutely worthwhile!

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