Wonder Woman 1984

The 80s setting is underused and the villains are predictable.

Wonder Woman 1984

I was looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984. The last movie was amazing. Gal Gadot is perfect for the role. And this one would be set in the 1980s!

Sadly, it disappoints on all fronts.

Unlike 2017’s Wonder Woman, the plot of this movie is discombobulated. The main villain, played by Pedro Pascal of The Mandalorian fame, is a cartoonish version of Donald Trump. His sidekick, played by Kristen Wiig, is even more predictable.

There is a detour to Egypt that is almost entirely irrelevant to the plot. As is the opening act on Woman Woman’s home island, Themyscira. Action scenes go on for too long. Wonder Woman attains not one, but two new powers. Dialogue is often puerile. Gadot is given little to work with.

The president of the United States isn’t named, but if he’s supposed to be Ronald Reagan his wish for more nuclear weapons isn’t credible. Reagan was a nuclear pacifist who once proposed to Mikhail Gorbachev to get rid of all American and Soviet nuclear weapons!

The entire Cold War setting is underused. Aside from a scene mocking 1980s fashions, there is little reason this should take place in ’84.

WW84 is playing in cinemas and streaming on HBO Max in the United States. (The service is unavailable in Europe.) If you’re considering getting a subscription for this, don’t.


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I watched this tonight, finally.

Fun fact for you, as a DC area native: Wonder Woman lives in the Watergate Hotel.

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