Kevin Steele’s Steampunk Books Archived at Never Was

Kevin’s hackneyed book reviews and lists are preserved here.

For the last four years, Kevin Steele published hackneyed book reviews and lists at his website, Steampunk Books. A fan of Mark Hodder, Stephen Hunt and China Miéville, he recommended A Red Sun Also Rises, The Court of the Air and the Bas-Lag trilogy that started with Perdido Street Station. Among his popular articles were the ten best steampunk books, four steampunk clichés and steampunk novels that should be made into movies.

We exchanged links and some content with Steampunk Books, so when Kevin’s website went down we happily agreed to host his stories in an archive here at Never Was. Visit the overview page or follow the tag to find them all.

I’ve done my best to avoid creating dead links. Visiting or any of the URLs under the domain should forward you to the right places at Never Was. If you get a “page not found”, though, please let me know in the comments so I can put in a redirect.

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