Iron Sky: The Coming Race

New heroes, new villains, but the same absurdity that made the Iron Sky such a dieselpunk classic.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race

It took quite a few years, but the long-awaited sequel to 2012’s Iron Sky has landed! (Pun intended.)

The sequel takes place 29 years after the events of the first movie (our review here), which you’d have to see to understand what’s happening in the second. Considering the first is an absolute dieselpunk classic, you absolutely should if you haven’t already!

I won’t go into the plot of this movie. Suffice to say that, like the first Iron Sky, it is utterly and completely out there and I’m here for it. Old villains, old heroes, new villains, new heroes. A total sarcastic approach to non-fictional personas, dieselpunk tinkering and utter madness: it’s Iron Sky alright.

If you were expecting more politics, more Moon Nazis and Neo-Nazis, you might be disappointed — but there is reptilian Hitler riding a dinosaur.

And, frankly, that alone should tell you everything you need to know about the level of absurdity of this film.

But it works. If you loved Iron Sky, give this a go. The type of story is different, the lead characters are different, but the creators have managed to keep it in the same feel and style that made the original Iron Sky such a blast.

If the mid-credit scene is anything to go by, a third movie might happen (it should!) and that’s probably going to be more of the same genius.

Hopefully it won’t take another seven years to get there.

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