Steampunk at Comic Con Antwerp

Comic Con Antwerp is not a steampunk event per sé, but you can always find a few steampunks in the crowd.

On September 15 and 16, Comic Con Antwerp, the annual pop culture convention, was held once again at Waagnatie in — you guessed it — Antwerp, Belgium.

While it is not a steampunk event per sé, steampunks (and any other ‘punk aficionados for that matter) are more than welcome and you can always find at least a handful among the visitors.

Aside from that, there are shops offering steampunk items. Some you see at every event (which allows you to purchase them later should you regret not getting anything). Other sellers had wares we hadn’t seen before.

Comic Con Antwerp, just like every event by this organization, is a relaxed, open-minded and family-friendly affair, so if you like pop culture events, especially if you want to bring little ones, definitely keep an eye on their event calendar!

And now: pictures!

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