Lady Mechanika, Volume 4: La Dama de la Muerte

Lady Mechanika, Volume 4

You may find it strange that I’m not reviewing the second volume of Lady Mechanika after reviewing the first, but I feel it’s better to read volume 4 next.

As the cover suggests, we find Lady Mechanika traveling to Mexico, where she finds herself caught up in events that will change her forever.

That’s all you get out of me plot-wise, because I don’t want to spoil it for you.

This story is a perfect blend between the Day of the Dead tradition and Lady Mechanika storytelling. With steampunk elements mixed in here and there and just enough horror to be season (Halloween) appropriate.

Excellent storytelling, beautiful art and the type of character development we love. La Dama de la Muerte is another beautiful addition to world of Lady Mechanika and steampunk full stop.

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