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There’s definitively an element of the steam- or dieselpunk explorer to this expo.

Expo Dino World Brussels Belgium
Expo Dino World at the Brussels Expo, Belgium, May 17 (Hilde Heyveart)

Expo Dino World boasts to be the biggest dino expo in the world. Whether or not this is actually true, it is definitively big enough to keep you entertained for a good while.

Truth be told, though, as is always the case with this kind of expo, if you’re not into the subject, it’s not for you. So unless you are a parent who wants to take out their kids to a fun expo about dinosaurs, or a total dinosaur buff yourself, you may not appreciate this.

You may wonder how this even merits a spot on this site. Well, allow me to explain. While most, not to mention all well-known and most popular dinosaur species, such as the T-Rex and Triceratops, were native to North America, Belgium and the Low Countries are quite well-known for a few species themselves. Not just the infamous Mosasaur and similar creatures, but our very own Bernissart mines found Iguanodon. These finds have been proven invaluable, not only when it comes to learning more about the Iguanodon, but about dinosaurs in this area full stop.

The starting room of the exposition, created together with the Natural History Museum of Belgium, focuses entirely on that, with a Victoriana replica of an archaeologist’s office and large sketches, copies of originals.

So there’s definitively an element of the steam- or dieselpunk explorer to this expo.

If you love dinosaurs, it’s probably cool to see dozens of animated versions. Obviously, the augmented reality animatronics are cool. But it’s probably more for kids.

They will love this exhibition. Especially the Ranger program, where they can earn a stamp on a map at set points, which they can trade in for a special button badge. The back of the map is also filled with fun quiz questions to keep them entertained.

There is also a small, interactive kid’s zone at the end of the expo, right by the gift shop, where young and old can take fun photos and/or selfies (#expodinoworld).

For adults, wanting to find out a little more about the dinosaurs on display, there’s quite a few things to read. Every dinosaur comes with information on where it was found, how heavy and large it got, archaeological background about when the first founds were made, by whom, where and how important they have been for our knowledge about dinosaurs today. I thought this was most excellent.

Set-up wise, this is really well done. There’s a right balance between academic and good times to make it interesting for both children and parents/adults.

Tip: Don’t throw away your entrance ticket, as it gives you a discount at several other expos and museums!

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