Coalescaremonium Picnic

In theory a Gothic event, all kinds of alternative fashion styles were welcome.

Coalescaremonium Picnic Etterbeek Belgium
Coalescaremonium Picnic in Etterbeek, Belgium, September 13 (Hilde Heyvaert)

To celebrate the upcoming fourth edition of Coalescaremonium, Art Nouveau Noise, Jardin des Poupées, moved their Gothic picnic event to the Brussels area rather than sticking around the Antwerp area. So quite a few people turned up for a fun picnic in the Jubelpark, sharing food, drinks and general good times.

While in theory it was a Gothic event, just like the actual Coalescaremonium event, all kinds of alternative fashion styles were welcome, and it was unsurprising that several people wearing Japanese fashion styles, casual chic, contemporary chic and even steampunk showed up.

And just like at Coalescaremonium, there was an open and friendly atmosphere where everyone enjoyed themselves.

There’s little more to be said about this event, other than that it was good fun, and it was great to see a free social event steampunks could attend and hang out at.

I for one look forward to Coalescaremonium on April 2, 2016 even more now!

For more photos, check this set by Luc Luyten (who also took the group shot and the photo of the tea drinking steampunk in this little piece) and my set on Flickr.

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