Drawing the City

This small exhibit allows you to piece together the growth of Antwerp through time.

Museum Plantin-Moretus Antwerp Belgium Drawing the City exhibit
Drawing the City exhibit at Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp, Belgium, July 19 (Hilde Heyvaert)

Museum Plantin-Moretus, the gorgeous book-printing museum in the heart of Antwerp’s old town, is known to put on a good exhibit. Drawing the City is no different.

Displaying several maps from sixteenth-century Antwerp, accompanied by text explaining their history, you can piece together the growth of the city through time.

It’s magnificent to see these old maps of the golden age of the city, from when it was one of the commercial hearts of the Low Countries, as well as the influence of Duke Alva and several rulers.

The setup is small, but organized in a way that you can spend quite a bit of time in it.

The ticket also allows you to visit the beautiful museum as well, which not only shows the history of book-printing but also the life of the Plantin-Moretus dynasty and the stunning museum garden.

A definite recommendation for all clockpunk, history and cartography buffs!

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