Property of a Lady Faire

There’s plot getting wrapped up and questions left unanswered.

Property of a Lady Faire

Simon R. Green returns with his latest, and seventh, installment in the Secret History series. One of the quintessential three in the same major plotline and setting (the other two being Ghost Finders and the Nightside).

Just like in many other books, characters from other settings play a part in this one. I shan’t divulge who exactly, as that would be spoilers. But I will tell you that Nightside fans won’t be disappointed.

The premise of this book is that Eddie Drood once again finds himself doing dirty work while trying to survive and save the lives of others while at it, with enemies breathing down his neck left and right and his girlfriend, Molly Metcalf — the wild witch of the woods — by his side every step of the proverbial way.

There’s plot getting wrapped up, and questions left unanswered, so hopefully we’ll get more answers in the next installment.

I would say that this book, while having a solid plot and making for an enjoyable read, is one that wraps up parts of ongoing plot while having its own story, and at the same time setting the premise for the next novel in the series.

The Drood family has a major new thing happen to them, but Eddie and Molly remain much of the same characters as they were before. So if you’re looking for personal growth, Property of a Lady Faire isn’t the book where you’ll find it.

It is, however, a book true to the Secret History universe as we’ve come to know it, which could be both positive for those that enjoy it as it is, but also negative for those that want something a little bit different for a change.

Secret History books remain a wink to the good old, still properly atom age-style James Bond, so if you like that genre of secret agent mysteries, this book series is definitely one to consider.

Especially as the author is a master of weaving in excellent pop-culture references and steampunk as well as dieselpunk elements that don’t just bandwagon with what’s hip and happening right now but actually contribute to the story. This time in a major way.

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