Fight Like A Girl

Fight Like A Girl

Fight Like A Girl takes the listener on a seventeen-song musical journey almost told like the soundtrack to a tale spun by Emilie Autumn and I feel that some songs would actually benefit from visuals to enhance them. I’m pretty sure they’ll be better live than on record.

It’s a well-balanced album, some songs better than others, with lyrics matching to the background setting of madness, asylums and carnivals, revenge and all other things associated with it. There’s a good balance between anthems, melody and ballad, with Autumn’s voice remaining strong throughout, proving she isn’t bound to a certain genre or style and neither will she allow herself to be.

Emilie Autumn sets herself apart by proving she is an artist with a story and it’s a tale that she tells masterfully.

A definite recommendation for everyone who loves the weird and wacky, freak shows, asylums and mostly pleasantly disturbed, even for those previously unfamiliar with Autumn’s work.

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