Victor Sierra Live at Phantasium

Victor Sierra Phantasium Eindhoven Netherlands
Victor Sierra performs at Phantasium in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, February 22 (Hilde Heyvaert)

Even though Victor Sierra were the actual headliners of the day, most people had clearly come to see Abney Park. Leaving the French steampunk band to sadly perform for a near empty venue. Regardless of this regrettable fact, the band gave it’s all, performed admirably and so the lucky few that did stick around were treated to the best steampunk music France has to offer that I’ve heard so far!

Admittedly I didn’t know the music of Victor Sierra as well as I would have liked before the concert, but they did a fine job of convincing me to definitely look into them, playing a variety of songs that showed their range as a band. Also a nice touch is that while they are French, they sing in several different languages. Of course the most important fact is that they are amazing performers, that will regardless of the circumstance give the absolutely very best show they are capable of that will easily musically bring down the proverbial house.

Click here for more photos of Victor Sierra live.

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