In Memoriam: Eric Flint

Eric Flint

We at Never Was join many others in the alternate-history community in mourning the passing of Eric Flint.

Flint was the mastermind behind the sprawling 1632 series of time-travel alternate-history novels, in which the small town of Grantville, West Virginia is taken from the year 2000 and dropped into the middle of Thuringia, Germany during the Thirty Years’ War. This series grew to involve a great many writers in its novels and anthologies, as well as opening up contributions to the public via the Grantville Gazette.

Flint pioneered a collaborative model of science-fiction writing, helped make Baen Books what it is today, helped create the Baen Free Library, and wrote many other books in various genres with a number of co-authors.

His impact on the genre of alternate history, and on speculative fiction more broadly, was immense. His wife, Lucille, is now in a rough financial situation, and there is a GoFundMe campaign to help her with the costs of Eric’s memorial. Please chip in if you can.

May Flint rest in peace.

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