Filthy ’47 Dieselpunk Audio Drama

Judging from the excerpts, the story of Filthy ’47 is fast-paced and fun-packed.

Filthy 47

Filthy ’47, by Danvers Nettlefold, is an upcoming dieselpunk audio drama in four parts, two excerpts of which have been published on the narrator’s YouTube channel.

After watching and listening to the excerpts, I am rather intrigued concerning the whole story and I hope the final product will be significantly longer than the excerpts times four. But since the fist excerpt is labeled Episode 2, scene 15, there is a lot of goodness to come.

What we have here is a most excellent, well-produced and very atmospheric audio drama set in 1947 and featuring a colorful cast of characters so far.

The excerpts play with a number of tropes typical for pulp novels of the era, so of course you get a female and a male hero (Joyce and Peter), with Joyce behaving most definitely unladylike, which is delightful. There is also a villainous lady and of course a Nazi.

Judging from the excerpts, the story of Filthy ’47 is fast-paced and fun-packed.

I also want to point out the splendid audio-editing. You can really listen into the recordings and catch a lot of tiny background sounds, like in the coal cellar scene. Mr Nettlefold has put a lot of attention to detail into his audio drama, and it pays off. The audio drama gives the impression of a high-quality live-recording of actual events. I am genuinely looking forward to its eventual release and I recommend our dear readers to saunter over to YouTube and peek into the story themselves.


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Much appreciated, sir, many thanks – and just to clarify: each of the four episodes will be around 30 minutes in length.

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